Fang Hesong1, Fang Hongyu2

1 Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing, China

2 Beijing Friendship Hospital, Beijing China


Objective: According to the results of study, the chief pathogen of bronchitis in pediatrics is virus. Over the years, some pediatricians are used to treat it with antibiotics; the later however, beside its various side effects is not useful for virus infection. The traditional Chinese medicine is quite effective and nontoxic.

Method and Results:

I. Clinical test: The Jincao Zhike Koufuye (JZK) is an effective Chinese herb agent. Its function is eliminating phlegm and stopping cough.103 cases were treated with JZK and 43 cases as a control group to treat with antibiotics were observed comparison. The results revealed that within one week interval, The total cure rate of JZK is 94.2%, while in antibiotic group only 29.6%. There are significant differences.

II. Animal pharmaceutical study of JZK showed that: 1) The JZK was effective to prolong the latent period of cough as well as diminish the frequency of cough; 2) The agent has definite action of phlegm elimination; 3) It has effect of eliminating asthma; 4) The agent has a definite action against virus; 5)It has inhibition effect against bacteria pathogens causing respiratory infection; 6)The agent was used in success to control the fever; 7) the agent has the action of control inflammatory swelling and exudation, as well as to enhance cellular and non-specific immune function. Both acute and prolonged toxic tests showed that the agent is non-toxic.

Conclusion: The above mentioned results indicated that this agent is ready for clinical application.