Gu J1, Shen CB1, Shen SL2, Wang H , Dai Q1

1Shanghai Traditional & Western Medicine Integrated Hospital, Shanghai, China

2 Shanghai First People's Hospital, Shanghai, China


Objective: The study is to survey the sexual status of Chinese adolescent in Shanghai. It includes the sexual education in school and family, sexual activity, age of first intercourse, source of sexual experience et al.

Methods: A total of 1033 students participated in this survey  (males = 50.10%, females = 49.90%), the age was among 12-18 years old. 1032 questionnaires showed their views on sexual problems. 10 students of the group didn't agree to their age. 1022 questionnaires were effective.

Results: 1. Most subjects had received sexual education from school  (78.45%). The source of sex experience was from the schoolteachers (54.71%), medical literatures (11.50%), friends or classmates (9.87%), other books and periodicals (8.97%), intermediary (8.88%), parents or family members (6.07%), respectively. 2. The degree of the subjects' knowledge about sexuality was acquired in self-assessment. Distinguished from age levels, the results showed no significant differences in separated groups (P>0.05). 3. It was obvious that adolescents expected to get sexual information (80.56%). Most of them would like to discuss sexual topics directly with professional providers, such as sexual physiology, psychology, reproduction, contraception, physical phenomenon, health function et al.

Conclusion: It is important for physicians to present the sexual information correctly to the adolescent. We think medical interference to the sexual education for adolescent is necessary. Health providers, psychologists, socialists and parents should do this work together.