Wang Xiuying Xu Yi, Yu Xiaoliang
Department of Pediatrics, Second Xiang-ya Hospital, Central South University, China

Objective: To investigate the early diagnosis,proper treatment and prognosis of dilated cardiomyopathy.
Methods: Group A ( 30 children admitted in 1997~1991) and Group B(55 children admitted in 1992 ~ 2000) were contrast analyzed concerning the clinical and follow-up date.
Result: The follow-up for Group A lasted from 15 days to 15 years (M=34.4months) of the 30 children in Group A, 10 Survived and the other 20 died (66.7%), of all the death, 2 died of cerebral embolism due to the scaling of mural thrombus, 3 died of sudden death 15died of refractory heart failuer. The follow-up for Group B lasted from 20 days to 9 years (M=29.5months) .The follow-up for 9 children failed .Of the other 46 children, 35 survived, 11 died (24.2%), 6 of whom died within 6 months of diagnosis (3 died within 1 week of diagnosis), the other 5 deaths occurred at 8,13,16,24 and 38 months after the diagnosis respectively .Of 11 deaths, 1 died of cerebral embolism due to the scaling of mural thrombus, 2 died of ventricular arrhymias, the other of all died of refractory heart failure.
Conclusion: 1. Morbidity of DCM was increasing, but Mortality of DCM was decreasing. It was related to level of diagnosis, the use of β-blocker and Angiotension converting Enzyme inhitiors. 2. Mortality was high in the first year attacked, major factor of death was refractory heart failure, ventricular arrhythmias, sudden death. 3. Factors the affacting DCM prognosis is follwing that: age and left ventricular systolic function.