Bologna J¹, Marrone M¹, Hurtado L²
¹Hornos 3030, Olavarrʬa, Pcia. Buenos Aires, R. Argentina
²Ultrasound Private Center AMMBA, Olavarrʬa , R. Argentina

Objective: Presentation of one clinic case of a patient with a pelvian
cystic mass with a prenatal diagnosis.
Methods: Retrospective and descriptive. This 32-year-old mother has a37 weeks, 4 day baby girl. A 52 mm pelvic cyst was found on the left side of the pelvis. The baby was delivered by C-section (Apgar 9, weight2600g). A high Alfa-fetoprotein was noted. A postnatal scan found the left sided cyst but a repeat scan 24 hours later found the cyst on the right side. On the fifth postnatal day the baby was taken to surgery. The pathology of the cyst was a right cystic teratoma. The neuromadurative and somatic development of the patient in this moment, 9 months old,is very good. The alfa-fetoprotein is normal.
Results: Early diagnosis + In time treatment = 1) > operative time and
better conditions of clinic-surgical treatment.2) < risk of patient´s life.
3) > patient´s quality of life. 4) > familiar welfare. 5) > professional
achievement to the good results.
Conclusions: We want to remark the importance of the use of the rutine ultrasound during the pregnancy period that allowed us to recognize these asymptomatic lesions. From the above mentioned we adopted obstetrics and neonatologyc behaviours that lead to a follow on, early diagnosis and right treatment of the patient. We conclude that the interdisciplinary work is very important to improve the quality of life.