Marinova M, I Kalev



Incidence rate of allergy reactions to food constitute 5-50% from all allergic diseases. Cow’s milk is well-known antigen.

Most oftenly met allergies to cow’s milk are connected with: α-lactoalbumine β-lactoglobuline, casein, bovine albumin and bovine globulin.

Observed are 22 sucklings on bottle feeding aged 3-18 months. Over the half of them are with family history with allergic diseases.

The most frequent clinical findings (signs) of allergy in the observed by us children are: dermatitis allergica, followed by gastrointestinal manifestations bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

In the carried out examinations the most frequent antigens are: β-lactoglobuline and casein.

In dietary treatment were excluded: milk, dairy products, veal and beef meat. Instead of milk; hydrolyzed formula milk 3rd generation-Frisopep was used.

Treatment continued 6-11 months (until recovery stage was reached).

During observation-weight gain in all children corresponded to their age respectively.

After the observation was carried out the further nourishment was continued with formula milk.