Ye ZZ, Ma JD, Ma LS, Zhang SL

Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing, China


Objective: To evaluate the prenatal diagnosis and surgical Treatment in a newborn with duplication of duodenum.

Method: At the 25th week of gestation right ovarian cyst was diagnosed by ultrasound in a fetus. Then the cyst was followed up every 4 weeks until 2 days before and after birth. The girl was born at 39 weeks of gestation. Her birth weight was 3.9 kg. She was admitted to our surgical Department on the 26th day of life because of bilious vomiting with a body weight of 3.95 kg. The cyst was 7 x 6 x 6 cm by ultrasonography in the right middle abdomen. The diagnosis was duplication or right ovarian cyst preoperatively. Duplication of duodenum was revealed during operation. The septum between two lumens was excised and the wall of the duplication was tapered.

Results: On the 7th postoperative day the girl started to be fed. Barium study showed normal function of stomach and duodenum except a slight rigidity of the wall of duodenum. At five and half months of age the girls body weight was 8.75 kg and the height was 71 cm.

Conclusion: Prenatal diagnosis of a cyst in the abdomen of a fetus by ultrasound could be ovarian cyst, choledohol cyst, omentum cyst, duplication, hydronephrosis, etc. Other methods of examination (Barium study, CT, MRI) could or should be selected early after birth.