Leung Nai-Kong

Hong Kong College of Paediatricians, Hong Kong SAR


Lifelong learning is a commitment of every practising doctor. Hong Kong College of Paediatricians, a constituent college of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, requires every Fellow of the college to undertake Continuing Medical Education (CME). The objects of CME are to keep Fellows informed and up-to-date, to help paediatricians to maintain standards, interest and enthusiasm in their practice, to protect their skills and competence and to develop new skills. The College, in collaboration with paediatric subspecialty societies, other academy colleges, professional organisations and training institutions, organises different educational activities for paediatricians to participate. Participation in approved activities such as local, regional and international scientific meetings, workshops, courses, and seminars etc attract CME points. Fellows can also earn CME points by carrying out approved self-study programmes and publishing in scientific journals. 

The CME programme started in 1997. On completion of the first 3-year cycle, 97% of Fellows successfully fulfilled the requirement. It is encouraging to see that paediatricians in Hong Kong are active and motivated in maintaining and updating their knowledge and skills by participating in CME programmes as part of their continuing professional development.