President International Society of Tropical Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, India


Tropical countries account for more than 50% of the world child population. The problem faced by children in these countries are multifaceted and varied. More than 50% of the total deaths of children in these countries still occur because of acute respiratory infections, diarrhea, measles, malaria and malnutrition with one third of the infant deaths due to neonatal deaths. HIV/AIDS has become a major problem in Africa, Asia and Latin America, by 2010 it is predicted that 40 million in Africa and Latin America will have lost one or both parents due to this endemic. Children also suffer from abuse, are subjected to labour and Gender discrimination. Additionaly children are also exposed to suffering because of wards and hostilities. Child health in tropic needs interventions at multiple levels including the family, the community, the national and the international level. The children should be given the benefit of enhanced breast feeding, the universal coverage against vaccine preventable disease, adequate nutrtion and provision for iodised salt. Mother should get skilled prenatal and delivery care.

On the scientific front there is a need to develop local and appropriate technology which should be low cost and easy to handle. One such example is the semi-open technology and Kangaroo care for the new born babiesAdditionally crop bio engineering to create transgenic crops small improve sustainable and nutritiuos food sources. Developments in the field of molecular medicine are defining pathophysiologies, understanding inborn errors of metabolism congenital malformation degenerative disease, obesity and cancer. Tjese have to be appropriately used for tropical world.

Multidisciplinary approach are of parmount importance in the control, prvention and mangement of the disease.

Apart from these advocacy, community mobilization, health education are essential in the promotion of wellness, quality of life and the prevention and management of the disease.

The need of the hour is to give all children a good start in life.