Minutes of the UNEPSA Executive Committee meeting February 3, 2002, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

Chairperson: Jan Janda, President
Participants: Jan Janda, Jochen Ehrlich, David Hall, Robert Holl, Eva Oláh, Manuel Katz, Secretary General


  1. Information regarding the Court of Registries for Associations, Societies and Clubs in Munich
  2. The next General Assembly in Prague
  3. Europediatrics in Prague 2003


  1. According to the rules of the Court of Registries in Munich, the President and the Secretary-General will sign these minutes.
  2. Drs. Manuel Katz and Jochen Ehrlich will end their term of office by the end of 2002.
  3. The General Assembly will take place in June 2002 in Prague. The main topics: 
    1. The election of a new General-Secretary and a Treasurer of UNEPSA. 
    2. The election of two new members to the Executive Committee, to replace the exiting Secretary-General and Treasurer (ex officio).
    3. UNEPSA workshop is to be held on The International Network of Pediatric Surveillance Units and Paedaitric education in Europe.
  4. The "Europediatrics 2003" will be held in Prague, in October 19-23, 2003.
  5. The Executive Committee discussed the following topics: 
    • Advertisements
    • Personal contacts with presidents and secretary-generals of societies
    • Chairs of the scientific program will be Profs. David Hall and David Bransky
    • First announcement should be ready by the beginning of May 2002.

February 20, 2002

Jan Janda

Dr. Manuel Katz
Secretary General

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