Minutes of the UNEPSA General Assembly, Prague, October 21, 2003

Prof. Jan Janda  
University Hospital Motol 
1 st Dptm. of Paediatrics 
CZ-I50 06 Prague 5 
Czech Re
see above

Secretarv General:
Prof. David Branski 
Hadassah Univ..Hospital IL-Jerusalem, POB 12000 91120 Israel 
+972 26777543 
Fax: 972-2643 4579 brans@hadassah.orc.il

Prof. Gerhard Gaedicke 
Charité Augustenber.Platz 1 13353 Berlin, Germanv +4930450566161, fax:---916 

Prof. Robert Holl 
P.O.Box 20059 
NL-3502 LB Utrecht Netherlands 
Prof. Eva Oláh 
Dptm. of Paediatrics 
Nagyerdei krt.98, 
H-4012 Debrecen 
phone/fax: +36 52 414 992 eolah@jaguar.dote.hu

Members of the Board:
Prof. Daniele Sommelet
Children´s Hospital
54500 Vandoevre-les-Nancy
Prof. Mehmet Vuralm
2 Gehreli Apt.67/9 Topagaci.
phone:+90 212 532 2370433
fax:+90212 232 1973
Chairperson: Profesor Jan Janda, President

1. The General Assembly of UNEPSA was called to order by President Jan Janda on October 21, 2003 at 12:00 to 14:00 hrs. A quorum was declared , with 19 official voting National delegates present (see list of partricipants) and 7 members of the board of UNEPSA (Janda, Katz, Schmitz, Holl, Hall, Olah and Ehrich)

2. Prof. Janda welcomed the participants. All members of UNEPSA had been invited to the meeting, nevertheless, some addresses changed do to new representatives and several countries did not answer at all.

3: All participanting persons signed the list of attendance. The auditors for the financial report were G.Gaedicke and M. Vuralm) 
The minutes were taken by the Secretary General Manuel Katz

4. The agenda was unanimously approved by the GA. Jan Janda informed to the General Assembly that according with the constitution one bour before the elections five UNEPSA members had been nominated for the 5 vacancies in the Board (Secretary General, Treasurer, Vice President and two Members)

5: The minutes of the UNEPSA General Assembly of June 15, 2002 in Prague were approved.

6. Europaediatrics 2003
Manuel Katz reported that so far Europaediatrics 2003 is a successful congress with almost 1,000 participants coming all over Europe and even America. In terms of finances the congress is having a good profit for the organizers. At the academic point of view the congress offers a verv high level of presentations and sessions. The participants are very happy (daily session attendance is about 75 % of the registered participants). 
Manuel Katz thanked Professors David Hall and David Branski for their fantastic job as Chairman and co-Chairman of the Scientific Committee as well Prof Janda for hosting this congress and doing a wonderful work.

7. Financial report by Jochen Ehrich: 
There is a positive change in the finances of UNEPSA, however, UNEPSA still has serious problems in collecting the money from different countries. The last figures regarding dues collected in 2002-3 are attached. Manuel Katz informed the delegates that the proposed payment systém which was discussed in Prague at the 2002 General Assembly should be accepted and put in action starting in 2004.(The scale is 800, 500"300, and 100 Euros) A formal letter will be sent to countries specifying the amount of money to be paid . This was unanimously accepted.

8. New memberships 
Georgia and Armenia esere accepted as new UNEPSA members.

9. Publishing activities of UNEPSA 
Jan Janda gave an outlook about UNEPSA publishing activities. One paper was published in Pediatrics in 2002 regarding Demography of Primary care in Europe (Katz et al.) Another paper regarding "Demography of Renal Paediatric care in Europe" (Ehrich et al.) was finished and is ready to be sent for publication. Two new pediatric issues for research esere mentioned and are ready to start : "Demography of adolescent medicine in Europe" and "Paediatric gastroenterology in Europe".

10. Election of new UNEPSA council members. 
Vacant posts: Secretary General, Treasurer, Vice President and a member Two members have finished their mandates : Manuel Katz and Jochen Ehrich. Two members asked to be replaced: David Hall and Jacques Schmitz

Four new delegates esere proposed: 
David Branski (Israel) 
Mehmet Vuralm( Turkey) 
Gerhard Gaedicke (Germany) 
Daniele Sommelet (France)

Eva Olah was proposed to be a candidate for becoming Vice-Prasident

Post Name in favor against Abstentions
Secretary General Branski 25 0 1
V-President Olah 25 0 1
Treasurer Gaedicke 25 0 1
Member Sommelet 25 0 1
Member Vuralm 25 0 1

11. UNEPSA delegate for IPA 
Manuel Katz will continue his duty as UNEPSA delegate for IPA unti12007

12. UNEPSA website will be upgraded trying to intensify the communication between national pediatric societies and UNEPSA. Jan Vejvalka proposed to conitnue working in this matter.

13. Future congress 
The next EUROPAEDIATRICS 2006 will be take place in Barcelona. The congress president will be Robert Holl and the organizingr company will be Kenes International.

14. Next PA President elect 
It was unanimously accepted that in case only one European candidate will be proposed for the post; all European countries will support him/her at the IPA General Assembly in Cancun

Jan Janda Manuel Katz



Council Members: Janda, Katz, Ehrich, Holl, Hall, Olah, Schmitz

Countries delegates

Germany G. Gaedicke
Greece A. Constantopoulus
Cyprus M. Solomon
Bulgaria I. Kalev
Belgium J.P. Buts
Poland B. Korasowski
France D. Sommelet
Israel D. Branski
Estonia M. Laan
Armenia S. Sargsyan
Latvia E. Bikis
Lithuania V. Usonis
Austria I. Mutz
Romania A. Zamfirescu
Sweden S. Mjones
Ukraine Antipkin Yury.G
Dennmark B. Hansen
Slovakia P. Vanovcin
Jugoslavia N. Radlovic

Council members representing their countries as delegates

UK David Hall
Hungary Eva Olah
Czech Rep Jan Janda
The Netherlands Robert Holl
Germany Jochen Ehrich


Prof. Jan Janda, MD
President of UNEPSA

Prof. J.H.H.Erich, MD
 Past President and Treasurer of UNEPSA

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