UNEPSA (EPA) missions and aims

Article 8: Non-profit Organisation(Eintragung als gemeinniitziger Verein).

A. The EPA will be registered at the Court of Registry for Associations, Societies, and Clubs (Registergericht) in Munich, Germany, as a „Non-Profit Organisation".
The Secretary-General will represent the EPA at the Court of Registry for Associations, Societies, and Clubs (Registergericht) and exercise the "judicial power of attorney (Vertretungsrecht".
The Secretary-General* will inform the Court of Registry for Associations, Societies, and Clubs (Registergericht) annually about the General-Assembly, providing information in both English and German on:

1. The Agenda (Tagesordnung),
2. The name of the person writing the protocol (generally the Secretary-General)(Protokollfúhrer)
3. The „existence of a quorum" (Beschlul3fáhigkeit),
4. The „agreement" on the Agenda (Annahme der Tagesordnung)
5. The amendments of the Constitution and
6. of the elections of the Council (Vorstand) (including the numeric results of the elections).

* The report written by the Secretary General has to be certified by a German „Notary Public". The translation of this report finto German has to be done by a certified "sworn-in" translator.
* Every three years the Secretary-General and the Treasurer will write the „Finanzbericht fúr das Finanzamt fúr Kárperschaften" (Financial report for the tax office for non-profit organisations in Germany).

B. The EPA exclusively and directly pursues non-profit objectives in accordance with the paragraph „Steuerbegúnstigte Zwecke„ of the tax regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as to corresponding decrees of other European countries.

C. The EPA acts unseliishly; fit does not, pursue own personal objectives.

D. The means of the EPA shall only be used for objectives in accordance with the constitution. EPA members shall not receive allowances from the funds of the EPA. In the event of their withdrawal or with the dissolution or suspension of the EPA, the members do not receive a refund of the dues paid by them, nor do they have any claim to the fortune of EPA. No person shall profit from expenses not relating to the objectives of the EPA, nor from disproportionately high reimbursement.

E. All officers of the EPA act unpaid.

F. In the event of dissolution or of the suspension of the EPA, or in the case of cessation of its objectives, the fortune of the EPA shall devolve upon the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund - UNICEF - represented by Deutsches Kommittee fair UNICEF, 50670 K~ln, Steinfelder-Gasse 9, for the direct and exclusive use in non-profit objectives.

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