Proposal for UNEPSA web site and UNEPSA Newsletters (later v.s. EPA web site)

Jan Janda, March 2000

A. Mission:

B. Information contents (proposal, initial contents)

1. UNEPSA (EPA) mission and aims: (cf. draft of EPA constitution)
2. UNEPSA History (e.g. a copy of News-Letter from April 1986).
3. Constitution of UNEPSA. Draft of constitution of EPA (European Paediatric Association)
4. UNEPSA council (president, secretary, vice-president, members, contacts)
5. List of National European Paediatric Societies and Associations.
Addresses, contacts, links to webs (current update - 1998).
6. List of Subspecialty Societies in Europe.
Addresses, contacts, links to webs (current update - November 1998).
7. List of national paediatric journals edited regularly by paediatric societies in Europe.
Titles, addresses, editors, links to webs.
8. Announcements of congresses and important meetings
organized by national paediatric societies and European subspecialty societies.
9. Abstracts of the important meetings (?)
10. Selected guide-lines on diagnostics and treatment concerning the most relevant diseases in childhood
(last recommendations of European subspecailty societies)
11. Vaccination schedules in different European countries
12. Various UNEPSA Materials:
- Minutes of UNEPSA General Assemblies
- Demography of Paediatric Primary Care (PPC) in Europe (M.Katz)

C. How to spread the information mentioned above ?

1. To the editors of the national journals:
this information should be printed in the original version in English (possible translations into local languages)
2. Distribution via E-mail (managed address list)
3. Internet www-site: continuously updated with
- links to other web sites (societies, events, information sources)
- possibility to present detailed and up-to-date information on topics or events of interest

Home Page of UNEPSA

Proposal for the UNEPSA web site and UNEPSA Newsletters (later v.s. EPA web site) | UNEPSA (EPA) missions and aims | Contacts,  UNEPSA Council |
Constitution of UNEPSA | Draft of EPA (European Paediatric Association) | National Paediatric Societies in Europe | Paediatric Subspeciality Societies |
Minutes of the UNEPSA General Assembly | Demography of Paediatric Primary Care (PPC) in Europe